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Claudine LaRochelle - Founder of Le Refuge Yoga,  teaches yoga classes for golfers, relaxation, weight loss and stress relief and flexibilityClaudine LaRochelle,Founder and Instructor
Certified Yoga & Wellness Consultant, RYT-500, ERYT-200
“Our yoga classes are special. They not only relieve stress and aching bodies, but they put us, my students and I, in the moment.  Think of peace and tranquility.” Claudine LaRochelle
Meeting Claudine LaRochelle for the first time, her warmth and empathy are qualities that come through clearly.  And when she talks about the yoga classes she gives in her home based private Yoga center, Le Refuge Yoga, it is clear she has a deep concern for her students’ well being and a passion for helping people with yoga.
“I prefer to keep the class size small,” she says.  “ I like to be able to watch every person and give them advice and feedback on the positions.  At the end of the class I hand out little lightly scented neck and eye pillows.  People tell me they enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep after our classes.”
Although Claudine's journey with yoga started in 2002, she became a certified yoga instructor in 2010. Since then, she has trained with Karen Claffey, Canadian coordinator for the International Association of Yoga Therapists, a devoted yogi for more than 30 years.  Karen has an excellent reputation and her teachings ensure that instructors such as Claudine are focused on proper alignment, breathing and sequencing.  The result is a safe and meaningful journey for you, as a student.
Shoulder pains and low-back pains, resulting from carrying heavy equipment as a trainer in the financial sector, started Claudine on her personal yoga path a decade ago. When after a few months her symptoms vanished, she knew she had to pass along this wonderful discipline for others.  From her yoga studio, which backs on to a beautiful forest, the splendour of the seasons provides a majestic natural backdrop, visible through the studio's high windows.
“My teaching methods integrate asanas, breathing techniques and mindfulness,” she explains. Her approach helps students develop heightened awareness of what is truly going on within themselves. Students leave Claudine’s classes feeling empowered and focused.
Ildiko Prelak, Instructor, RYT-200
Ildiko brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to our team. A long standing Hatha yoga practitioner, she has studied under the likes of Jason Crandell, Seane Corne, and Natasha Rizopoulous.
Registered with the Yoga Alliance as a Hatha practitioner, Ildiko is also certified to teach Chakra yoga, working on balancing your energy centers. She constantly deepens her practice by taking time to learn from gurus at the Kripalu Centre and other well-known facilities.
Yoga has enriched Ildiko’s life tremendously: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  When asked about yoga, here’s what Ildiko has to say:
“Yoga can benefit anyone – regardless of age, whether you are in great health or come with injuries or physical limitations. If you have a desire to improve your health and learn to live from a place of joy and adventure, yoga is for you. Success in yoga comes not from how you do a pose but from the joy that comes from the journey itself.
Part of that journey includes learning to do the poses with integrity by creating just enough stability to enable mobility, and just enough mobility to honour integrity. And by practising integrity-based yoga, I hope to increase this awareness in all of us and pass on all the benefits of the practice.
Yoga is classically translated as 'union' and you will find that this is so true!”
Carmelle Riendeau, Instructor, RYT-200
Carmelle lived and breathed the healing profession years before she became a yoga instructor. Being a Reiki Master, she worked with many lending her comforting touch to soothe their body and their soul. 

Deciding to deepen her expertise of alternative health, Carmelle studied the yoga field for a few years, then took the plunge and enrolled to become a certified yoga instructing.

Combining her Reiki wisdom with her yoga journey, we are now privileged to have her teach at Le Refuge Yoga a Reiki Yoga class where she will undeniably lead you to calm and relaxation with her therapeutic Touch of Reiki.