Le Refuge Yoga - Make your wellness our business
We offer the very best, in fact superior, instruction at prices that are extremely reasonable.  Whether you would like to join (or form) a group or take private instruction, we will be happy to design a package of lessons that meets your exact needs.
Note: each group class is 60 minutes in length, private classes can be 60 or 90 minutes in length.

Fee Schedule
After March 1, 2016
Before March 1, 2016
Single Group Class
Single Private Class
One Session 1x/wk (10-class)
One Session 2x/wk (20-class)
Unlimited One Month - New members only
(Introductory price for new members starting out)


There are no refunds on class packages after 10 days. We will however allow a non-expiry clause on your package when valid reasons are provided. Every situation will be reviewed independently.

Private Class Packages
Five or ten class packages are available!  Contact us at 416-704-0238 or LeRefugeYoga@bell.net for details.