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Our Studio's Practise Guidelines
Le Refuge Yoga’s Guidelines for the Practise of Yoga
The information will help you prepare to participate in our classes:
  • Do not eat a heavy meal for about two hours prior to a class: Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach
  • First class? Arrive 15-20 minutes early to relax, fill out your student class form and discuss your goals
  • For subsequent classes, always arrive ten minutes early to be in the best state of mind for your class
  • Please turn off phones and other devices prior to class to allow for complete immersion in the practise, and avoid electromagnetic disruptions 
  • Please, no perfume, oils, or fragrant lotions.  On the flip side, please, maintain general personal cleanliness (first niyama 'Saucha'), as intense body odor from any of us can certainly be a challenge to another’s state of experience.
  • Bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated and prevent cramping
  • Bring a yoga mat, if you do have one.  We can provide you with a mat if you do not have one and your will also want to look at our Products Page for useful (and enjoyable) yoga accessories.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement
  • Be sure to inform us of physical limitations or health concerns
  • Listen to your body: if excessive pain is felt during your session, you should stop and inform the instructor immediately
  • Keep in mind that only with practise will you feel all of the benefits of yoga
  • Smile, breathe and have a wonderful, fun time