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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that uses hands-on healing to treat the whole person: body, mind and spirit. 

Reiki often works in conjunction with meridian energy lines and chakras. Through the use of hand positions, the Reiki practitioners strive to re-establish the normal flow of ki (life force energy) throughout your body. Restoring your life force energy promotes stress reduction and relaxation while enhancing your body's healing ability, leading to a better quality of life.

How can Reiki help me?

  • Reiki can reduce stress
  • It can reduce pain
  • It can improve your mood
  • Reiki can give you a sense of general well-being
  • Reiki can help remove energy blocks in the body, advancing your yoga practice
  • It can boost your immune system
  • It can improve your healing abilities
  • It can enhance and support other treatment options

What can I expect from a Reiki session?

A treatment is usually about 45 minutes in length. For that time, you will lie on a treatment table, fully clothed, while the practitioner gently places her hands either on the body or a few inches above different areas of the body. The Reiki Master may use only a few hands position, but can use up to 12 (to 20) different hand positions.

The energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands and into your body to the areas that need it and to the degree that is required, removing any blockages due to stress, tiredness, worry or pain. As the energy blocks are released, healthy flow of energy ensues.

What will I feel during and after treatment?

Every person is different and experiences the treatment differently.  Many individuals report feeling more balanced, less stressed, refreshed and relaxed, and even feeling nurtured after a treatment. The feelings vary from person to person, and from one session to another.

Generally, an increase in alertness and vitality, and a general sense of well-being is noticed after a treatment.

Reiki works well when combined with other types of treatments as it supports and complements other types of therapies.

How much does a treatment cost?

A 45-minute treatment is $65. However, we have a few other options for you:

Our Introductory Special: First treatment is $50!

As a thank you for trying out Reiki at Le Refuge, you will have an opportunity to purchase a:
TWO-PACK treatment on your first visit for only $110.00

You may also purchase at any time a:

5-treatment package for $275.

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