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Do you feel stressed and on edge?

Imagine this: It’s the end of a long day and you bump into someone you know. They greet you with the usual: “Hey Ricky, how are things?” You roll your eyes, smile a tired smile… “Don’t ask!,” is your only reply. Immediately, you feel connected as your colleague is likely feeling the same way.

For many, this is a daily scenario. At the end of the day you long to go home and relax. Your head hurts, your shoulders are tight and your legs are stiff from sitting all day. Sadly, many get home only to start their evening drill!

Think about how many activities you perform in a week, your grandparents probably did not get that busy in a year! According to Hans Selye, a prominent endocrinologist who pioneered much of the work done on Adaptation to stress, this fast pace puts our body in a state of resistance, overproducing cortisol, resulting in harmful effects to our systems when this state is sustained.

Over time, your judgement may become skewed, your alertness decreases, and you be at heightened risk for cardiovascular problems, illnesses and other health issues. At a minimum, getting up in the morning is no longer fun.

As Stephen Covey asserts, you need to sharpen your saw in order to be efficient. Yoga can do that. It counteracts both the physiological and psychological components of stress, helping you take better care of yourself. As you become more flexible, you will notice your attitude becoming more flexible as well. Various poses will help relieve muscle tension and slow your heart rate, allowing your body to relax and give your nervous system a rest.

Our Wednesday afternoon yoga class is dedicated to flexibility and stress relief. The class is at 4:45pm, perfect time for a mid-afternoon break and steering clear of rush hour traffic!

In addition to becoming more aware and mindful, you will gain a sense of calmness, and you may realize that most of the things we stress about are not worth the energy!

Hope to see you soon for a yoga class at our studio!
Le Refuge Yoga
Mississauga, Ontario

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