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Wanting to improve your golf game?

Do you ever find yourself on the first tee and not ready to make a good swing right away? You're not really stretched and the results show. It inevitably takes 3 - 5 holes to feel loose!

Yoga can be your solution as it helps you immediately.
Yoga for Golfers is by far the best method for increasing your flexibility, gaining distance and learning to stay calm. It helps you make your entire body respond effortlessly to the demands of a golf swing and keeps you calm and focused throughout your round. It is one of the fastest growing areas of fitness in golf today.
Staying flexible and calm are issues facing golfers of all ages, but as we age, flexibility is arguably the #1 issue in playing decent golf. In addition to keeping your body limber, yoga will greatly improve the mental aspect of your game, making yoga and golf the ultimate combination. In fact, the increased inner calm and peaceful state of mind gained through practicing yoga provides an excellent foundation for every aspect of the game.
Wade Pearse, founder of Minding Your Game coaching program says: “As a coach of the mental game of golf I know of no better approach to improving your golf game than by a marriage of yoga and golf mental game exercises. I personally enjoy the added distance to my tee shots from increased flexibility and range of motion. You will too.”
Using yoga as cross-training will get you to that wonderful stage of effortless power instead of powerless effort! You will get stronger just from stretching and holding yoga poses, and soon you will add distance to every shot simply from your swing being unrestricted.
Yoga can dramatically improve your overall flexibility, so in those times where you rush to the first tee, you will already be more bendy!
Improve your game today!
Contact Claudine for more information or to sign up!
Yoga for Golfers - Learn visualization techniques and reduce your number of putts.Testimonials
“Since I’ve started yoga for golf, I find that I keep a more constant body position throughout my golf swing, and the results are more consistent too!” – Roger
“Yoga has certainly improved the strength and flexibility in my lower back, and the breathing techniques are really helping me when I get frustrated on the golf course” – Herb
“I think yoga for golf is great, I really enjoy the exercises that strengthen the upper back and shoulders” - Dana

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