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Golf training

Add 20 yards to your drive

Everyone agrees that golf is a very demanding game, both physically and mentally. The repetitive motions over 4-5 hours can put a lot of stress on your body.
Why Condition for Golf?
During each game you will:
  • Take over 300 swings... twisting on one side!!!!!
  • Lean over 30-40 times
  • Bend down 40-50 times
  • Walk 4-5 miles
Start training so you can play pain free!
Injury statistics:
  • 63% of golfers will experience low back pain
  • 30% of pro golfers will play injured – Freddy Couples struggled many years with back injury

Wanting to improve your golf game?

Do you ever find yourself on the first tee and not ready to make a good swing right away? You're not really stretched and the results show. It inevitably takes 3 - 5 holes to feel loose!

Yoga can be your solution as it helps you immediately.
Yoga for Golfers is by far the best method for increasing your flexibility, gaining distance and learning to stay calm. It helps you make your entire body respond effortlessly to the demands of a golf swing and keeps you calm and focused throughout your round.