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Mississauga discovers a healthy Refuge for Yoga
Add 20 yards to your drive
What's new at Le Refuge Yoga for September!


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Can a tight psoas lead to back pain?

In a previous article, I mentioned that back pain is one of the primary reasons for visiting your doctor. The pain is either a constant dull throbbing or a sharp pointed pain, and in a desperate attempt to resolve the issue, you trek all the way to your doctor... but what if you could take control and do something to feel better?
A major contributor to lower back pain is a tight psoas muscle, or rather group of muscles. The psoas group attach at the lumbar spine, run through the pelvis and then connect on the inside of the femur bone.

Mississauga discovers a healthy Refuge for Yoga

Latest Press Release - September 26, 2011
Rotary Club of Meadowvale and Fitness ExpertLaRochelle Reach our community in the Park - Read the full story:

Add 20 yards to your drive

Everyone agrees that golf is a very demanding game, both physically and mentally. The repetitive motions over 4-5 hours can put a lot of stress on your body.
Why Condition for Golf?
During each game you will:
  • Take over 300 swings... twisting on one side!!!!!
  • Lean over 30-40 times
  • Bend down 40-50 times
  • Walk 4-5 miles
Start training so you can play pain free!
Injury statistics:
  • 63% of golfers will experience low back pain
  • 30% of pro golfers will play injured – Freddy Couples struggled many years with back injury

What's new at Le Refuge Yoga for September!

New schedule
First off, I am happy to announce that we have added a few classes to thefall scheduleand hopefully these new times will give you more flexibility.

See ourClasseswebpage for the schedule!
Yoga for golfers
Our Yoga for Golfers class is proving to be very popular. The class is 60 minutes of fun, energy and innovative yoga poses. From this class you can expect to:
  • Improve your flexibility and strength
  • Increase your breathing awareness
  • Increase your sense of balance
  • Improve your focus on the golf course

Creating a healthy diet

In this day and age, where our pace is never fast enough, it is easy to turn to fast foods, simply because they are easy and tasty, producing an instant reward for the tired mind. Manyfast food restaurants now offer what they claim to be healthier choices, however, these items are often loaded with sugar and fat.
A yogic lifestyle and proper eating habits go absolutely hand-in-hand, and the foods you eat should create balance and harmony in your system.
Every person is different and to find your own balance and harmony, I encourage you to monitor the foods you eat to determine what works for you and what does not.

Strategies for increasing your motivation

Self-sabotage and strategies for achieving your goals
How many times have you woken up in the morning, full of good intentions, only to find yourself at the end of day having done a million things but none of the things you wanted to get done?

You ask yourself: How can this be? Have I not planned properly? Was I not motivated enough?

The answer is: you may have planned properly, but somewhere inside, something stronger than your desire sabotaged your efforts to accomplish your goals, leaving you disappointed, frustrated and critical of yourself.

Do you feel stressed and on edge?

Imagine this: It’s the end of a long day and you bump into someone you know. They greet you with the usual: “Hey Ricky, how are things?” You roll your eyes, smile a tired smile… “Don’t ask!,” is your only reply. Immediately, you feel connected as your colleague is likely feeling the same way.

For many, this is a daily scenario. At the end of the day you long to go home and relax. Your head hurts, your shoulders are tight and your legs are stiff from sitting all day. Sadly, many get home only to start their evening drill!

Get Relief from Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is a common concern. According to Dr. William C. Shiel, specialistin the field of rheumatology,lower back pain affects up to 90% of Americans at some point in their life.
In up to 85% of people, despite a thorough medical exam, no specific cause for the pain can be identified. Yet it is one of the most common reasons to visit a doctor or a hospital's emergency department. It is alsosecond to the common coldas a cause of lost days at work.
A growing number of people, on their doctor's recommendations, are turning to yoga to alleviate their pain.

Headache remedy ~ Get relief from headaches

Do headaches prevent you from focusing?
By Claudine LaRochelle-ReischlLe Refuge Yoga, Mississauga

Have you ever found yourself at work, staring at the computer and unable to focus because of a headache?

If you feel pain on both the left and right sides of your head, gradually spreading down to the neck region, or if it feels as if the pain is originating from the neck region, you are probably suffering from a tension headache.
By far the most common form of headache, tension headaches are usually triggered by stress-related habits, such as poor posture, fatigue, and yes… being hunched over your desk staring at a computer.