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Creating a healthy diet

In this day and age, where our pace is never fast enough, it is easy to turn to fast foods, simply because they are easy and tasty, producing an instant reward for the tired mind. Manyfast food restaurants now offer what they claim to be healthier choices, however, these items are often loaded with sugar and fat.
A yogic lifestyle and proper eating habits go absolutely hand-in-hand, and the foods you eat should create balance and harmony in your system.
Every person is different and to find your own balance and harmony, I encourage you to monitor the foods you eat to determine what works for you and what does not.

Strategies for increasing your motivation

Self-sabotage and strategies for achieving your goals
How many times have you woken up in the morning, full of good intentions, only to find yourself at the end of day having done a million things but none of the things you wanted to get done?

You ask yourself: How can this be? Have I not planned properly? Was I not motivated enough?

The answer is: you may have planned properly, but somewhere inside, something stronger than your desire sabotaged your efforts to accomplish your goals, leaving you disappointed, frustrated and critical of yourself.