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Welcome to Le Refuge Yoga!
A Boutique Style Yoga Studio in the heart of Mississauga
Namaste! Le Refuge Yoga is an oasis where the spirit and the body are treated to a calm and welcoming environment. Here, you will learn to refresh and revitalize yourself with the healing practice of Yoga, and other alternative healing methods such as Reiki and Yoga Therapy.  Our mission is to guide you, peacefully away from your busy environment, to achieve a healthy balance in your life.

 Welcome to the World of Yoga!
Beginner Classes for those new to Yoga
Beginners - Reverse Side Angle yoga poseYour first Le Refuge Yoga class will open your eyes to the simplicity and beauty of yoga.  You will see and experience why millions of people love the practice and find it beneficial and easy to do, over and over.
Le Refuge’s beginner yoga classes are perfect for those who are starting yoga.  Students who want to build from a solid foundation can also benefit from these classes in this healing discipline. Whether you are 20 or 70 you have the potential to improve both your flexibility and your overall physical condition.
Our lavender scented eye pillows provides you with aromatherapy, divine for relaxationFirst time students can take advantage of Le Refuge’s introductory offer:  for $40 yoga students may take part in as many classes as they like for 31 consecutive days.  This gives participants the opportunity to experience all the different types of classes that we offer. Consider this a yoga spa tasting menu, courtesy of Le Refuge!
Yoga for seniors - Gentle sequences for arthritis, lower back pain and other ailmentsYoga for Stress Relief / Yoga for Weight Loss
Too much to do, to little time? Feeling like you are not moving enough and waeing a few extra pounds?
Our sessions are wonderful for all ages and all bodies!
Le Refuge Yoga classes are a welcome opportunity to work on (or with) a chronic condition, even with an injury, whatever your fitness level or age!
At Le Refuge Yoga we specialize in helping students whose ages range from the 30s to the 70s and even higher.  Because we keep our class size small, we can observe and advise you on how to get maximum benefits from your practice, whether you seek relaxation, pain relief or spiritual progression.
Each of our classes include the physical practice of yoga - asana, as well as breathing practices - pranayama, and meditation, tailored to your needs.
If you have ever felt too out of shape or too old to take part in a class, we can promise that you will enjoy Le Refuge Yoga, where the emphasis is on gentle, healthy,  therapeutic motions.  Our head instructor, Claudine LaRochelle took up yoga because of physical and stress-related issues in her own life. You will benefit from her passion: passing on the benefits of yoga to others!
When people say they are too old to take up yoga, I say the older you are, the more benefits you may reap!

Read more about the benefits of yoga for seniors.
Yoga for Golfers - improve your game, get more distance on your drives and save your parsGolf Performance Yoga
Improve your game dramatically with our Complete Yoga program for golfers!
The sport looks easy but those of us who enjoy golf know it’s often challenging and frustrating. Now, courtesy of Le Refuge Yoga, you can enjoy the same benefits as the pros by enrolling in our Golf Performance Yoga sessions.  Le Refuge is the only yoga studio in Mississauga specializing in the area of golf. Sign up for these classes to get the advantage today!
Yoga has become the hottest training tool for PGA and LPGA tour pros (including Brad Faxon, Aaron Baddely, Andrew Parr, as well as the LPGA’s Julie Inkster and Betsy King).
Here’s what you can expect:
  • A 20-40% increased range of motion translating immediately into greater distance, accuracy, and strength on the course!
  • Injury Prevention - Sixty three percent of golfers will experience low back pain. Other common injuries for golfers are recurring pain in the shoulders, knees, wrists and elbows.
Our carefully designed Golf Performance Yoga program not only reduces the risk of injury it alleviates existing ailments!
Message from Claudine
“Yoga gently breathed calm and comfort into my life when I was suffering unrelenting back and shoulder pain, a result of my corporate career. In order to pass the beauty of this healing art on to others, I have created Le Refuge Yoga, a serene Yoga studio in my own home, to share with you. I hope you will join me and explore this ancient practice:  I promise you will be transformed.” 
Claudine LaRochelle